Hi all,

At the conclusion of the Transformative Justice Camp this we discussed moving forward and staying connected through a Community Accountability Network. This will be the first meeting following the camp, and we hope to commence by deciding how the network will communicate (internally and externally), and function to support a shared goal of community accountability and survivor support.

If you have questions please direct them to transformativejusticecamp@gmail.com

Thank-you to everyone who facilitated, participated, helped the camp in anyway including cooking, caring for children, counselling, cleaning, grievance, car pooling and anything else! We are looking forward to debriefing the camp and what comes out of it. If you would like to be a part of the community accountability network please email transformativejusticecamp@gmail.com.

This camp is intended for people with an existing interest in and/or experience with community accountability and transformative justice approaches to preventing and responding to violence, sexual violence and interpersonal violence. The programme is focused on skill-based workshops, with a view to deepening our understanding of community accountability/transformative justice approaches and strategies, and implementing these in practice.

The camp aims to build and strengthen networks, support, resource sharing and communication between people doing community-based anti violence work in Victoria, and to provide a focused space for both facilitated workshops and informal discussion.

The prison nation, including policing have been and are currently used as tools of colonisation, capitalism and oppression. Criminal legal responses are often the main or only option made available to people experiencing violence, despite being frequently ineffective. To adequately prevent and respond to violence and build meaningful pathways to safety that don’t force survivors to rely solely on police and prisons, we need to build our own skills, capacity for survivor support and tools for community-based interventions. We believe in the need to develop ways of dealing with conflict, violence and harm without using the prison industrial complex and to develop communities that work towards survivor healing, accountability of perpetrators and relationships that are not based on domination or oppression.

The camp will be held 16-19th February 2017 at Commonground.

The camp content won’t cover introductions to CA and TJ concepts, and related frameworks including prison abolition, but fundamental frameworks will be compiled into a zine/reading kit, as well as discussion groups before the camp takes place.

We acknowledge that this camp will be situated on the land of the Taungurung (Daung wurrung) people. We stand on this land as beneficiaries of an uncompensated and unreconciled dispossession which began over 200 years ago and continues today. We would like to reflect that within acknowledgement there should be action. How do we act in solidarity with first nations peoples? How do we act against the economic and social systems which reinforce racism, oppression and subjugation?